3. Experiencing a Recovery-Oriented Acute Mental Health Service: Home Based Treatment from the Perspectives of Service Users, their Families and Mental Health Professionals

This 2005 report by the New Zealand Mental Health Commission is the only study assessing to what degree an intensive home treatment service fosters recovery. It is a qualitative research study of the first intensive home treatment service in New Zealand-the Capital and Coast home treatment team-started in 2001.The study  found that home treatment performed well, and sometimes extremely well on most of the recovery dimensions. It had a recovery philosophy , it provided services at home, and it was offered as a choice and it was seen as a service that resulted in less stigma. The team was very accessible, and they were flexible in terms of the services they provided. They took a collaborative approach and a whole of life approach .Dealing with the crisis in context,  they fostered support from families.Lacking, were opportunity for peer support . New Zealand has been a leader in incorporating recovery principles into its mental health system. Experiencing a Recovery-Oriented Acute Mental Health Service

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