4. How has the national implementation of intensive home treatment teams impacted psychiatric admission rates in England?

Between 2001 and 2004 there was a rapid expansion in the number of intensive home treatment teams in England. A national network of assertive community treatment teams was also mandated.

Glover of the North Eastern Public Health Observatory set out to explore the extent to which these teams were successful in reducing admissions ;comparing admission trends in areas grouped on the basis of their implementation history.

Between 1998/9 to 2003/4, admissions had fallen by 10% more in the 34 areas with teams in place since 2001, and by 23% more in the 12 of those with round the clock on call service, compared to the 130 areas without such teams. Reductions in bed usage were smaller

Introduction of assertive community treatment teams was not associated with overall reductions in admissions

Crisis resolution home treatment teams and psychiatric admission rates in England

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