Dr David S. Heath

Dr Heath is a psychiatrist in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Dr Heath started the  first intensive home treatment service in Canada-the Hazleglen Service of Grand River Hospital, Kitchener in 1989. Dr Heath wrote the first comprehensive book on home treatment, published in 2005.

As well as 18 years experience in home treatment, Dr Heath has wide experience, including: director of a mental health clinic, director of a general hospital psychiatric in-patient unit, an assertive community treatment team, consultant to probation/parole and prison service, a psychogeriatric ward, a psychogeriatric outreach team , private office practice and assistant clinical professor in the department of family medicine at McMaster University.

Dr Heath has made many presentations at psychiatric meetings in Canada and the US, including a half day course on how to set up a home treatment service at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association for three years.

Dr Heath is available for presentations and mental health service consultation.