12.Vancouver General Hospital starts intensive home treatment service in July 2009

Canada has been extremely slow to take up the intensive home treatment model , and so it is very significant and encouraging to see that the country’s second largest hospital-Vancouver General-in Vancouver British Columbia, started a team in July 2009. In … Continue reading

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11. Implementation of intensive home treatment in Norway: a naturalistic study of eight teams

In 2005 the Norwegian health authorities decided to implement intensive home treatment in Norway, inspired by the UK experience with this model. By 2008, 35 of the 75 community mental health centres  in the country had established intensive home treatment … Continue reading

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10.Wise insights and advice about the relationship between intensive home treatment teams and inpatient wards

When an intensive home treatment team is started, the relationship between it and the local inpatient ward is of vital importance. Each facility affects the other in many ways. Integration between the two services is important to achieve maximum effectiveness and … Continue reading

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9. How much money can be saved by making sure intensive home treatment is considered when patients present in a crisis severe enough to warrant admission?

This is the fifth report from England’s National Audit Office. The aim of this paper is to assess the economic implications of properly integrating intensive home treatment services into the acute care pathway, so that they offer home treatment as … Continue reading

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8. Crisis resolution home treatment services : survey of referring clinicians

This is the fourth report prepared for England’s National Audit Office. This one deals with the opinions of physicians about crisis resolution & home treatment services: emergency physicians, family doctors, internists, and psychiatrists.  NAO crht survey of referring clinicians

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7. Are crisis resolution and home treatment services seeing the patients they are supposed to see?

This is the third in the series of reports from England’s National Audit Office, and it tackles an issue that is of vital importance to the functioning of intensive home treatment teams. For these teams to reduce admissions and to … Continue reading

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6. Those whom we serve, service users, consumers, clients and patients: how do they experience intensive home treatment? How do the carers; family members experience it? Find out from this 2007 National Audit Office report

This a supplementary report to the main NAO report contained in the previous post. Data used in this report were from 1. Surveys of service users and families carried out by intensive home treatment teams across England and 2. Focus … Continue reading

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5.How are intensive home treatment teams performing in the real world ? To find out , read this 2007 report from the National Audit Office in England

The National Audit Office ( NAO) in England scrutinises public spending on behalf of parliament; it is totally independent of government. This study was designed to examine whether the Department of Health’s aims for intensive home treatment are being delivered. … Continue reading

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4. How has the national implementation of intensive home treatment teams impacted psychiatric admission rates in England?

Between 2001 and 2004 there was a rapid expansion in the number of intensive home treatment teams in England. A national network of assertive community treatment teams was also mandated. Glover of the North Eastern Public Health Observatory set out … Continue reading

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3. Experiencing a Recovery-Oriented Acute Mental Health Service: Home Based Treatment from the Perspectives of Service Users, their Families and Mental Health Professionals

This 2005 report by the New Zealand Mental Health Commission is the only study assessing to what degree an intensive home treatment service fosters recovery. It is a qualitative research study of the first intensive home treatment service in New Zealand-the … Continue reading

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