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Intensive home treatment is the leading community-based alternative to hospitalization for people experiencing a crisis or an acute mental disorder. This model goes by many names including: Mobile crisis home treatment (MCHT); crisis resolution and home treatment (CRHT) in UK; crisis assessment and treatment teams (CATT’S) in Australia, and others.

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David S. Heath

Dr Heath is a psychiatrist in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Dr Heath started the first intensive home treatment service in Canada-the Hazleglen Service of Grand River Hospital , Kitchener in 1989.

Dr Heath is available for presentations and mental health service consultation.

Dr Heath’s Book

“This book will appeal to clinicians and program planners for its practical guidance in treating individuals with acute mental disorders in a humane and cost-effective way.Chock full of case examples it meticulously documents the important role that mobile home treatment can play in a mental health system……one of the best practitioner’s handbooks I’ve seen on this topic.”

Gary R. Bond, Ph.D.